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Tree Octopus? Apparently Not!

Posted in Cool Stuff, Humour with tags , on January 9, 2009 by misterjrtaylor

So someone at work today claimed to have seen a monkey in a tree whilst out on thier lunch – pretty unlikely in -3°C Yorkshire especially since monkeys don’t really exist (like Seahorses and Unicorns). Anyway, that lead onto a bet: If I couldn’t find a photo of an octopus in a tree (and thereby prove their existence (because the internet never lies)) I would be relieved of tea making duties…

… a quick google search later lead me to actual tree octupus’ (octopi???) and I’d won the bet…

Rare photo of the elusive tree octopus

Rare photo of the elusive tree octopus

…apparently not. According to Wikipedia this has been a long-running internet hoax, although I didn’t find out till just now – oops!

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