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The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show

Posted in Cool Stuff, Music with tags , , , , , on January 30, 2010 by misterjrtaylor

I know what you’re thinking: funk and soul? No thanks! But give the guy a chance… You’ll not find a finer Saturday evening radio show. Really. Perfect for cooking (and eating) your evening meal before settling down to a movie, or, in the background while you choose your outfit for a night on the town.

I must confess to knowing nothing about soul or funk, and yet Charles’ overwhelming enthusiasm for the genre always shines through, drawing you in and making you listen to whatever he’s playing. And it doesn’t matter that you’ve never heard any of the songs before: each one sits perfectly on the airwaves, accompanying the red wine and pasta, or the choice of white shirt and blue jeans perfectly.

To quote the 6music website:

“More of the best funk and soul music ever with some killer chat for your Saturday night.”

So, this Saturday night while you’re choosing a DVD or your favourite shirt, may I suggest tuning to 6music between 7pm and 10pm… you might even like it!