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Most Disapointing Moments from my Childhood No. 1

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on September 29, 2009 by misterjrtaylor

Quantum Leap…

When I was 11 or 12, the greatest TV show in the world was Quantum Leap, the pure excitement of each episode leading on the the previous “Oh, boy!” moment…

…there was a particular clip in the title sequence which caught my eye and each leap brought me one leap closer to that episode.

Only it was rubbish. After waiting approximately 600 kid-years (about 3 months) for the episode it wasn’t at all as I had imagined it. This, it turns out, was a life changing moment… the exact point in time when I made the realisation that life, on the whole, is bobbins.

Worse still, don’t ever try to revisit the TV shows of your youth… watching re-runs of Quantum Leap is painful, only exceeded in despair by re-runs of The A-Team. As a kid, Face, Murdoch, BA & Hannibal were my heros: I never missed an episode (caravaning holidays excluded) and always followed it up with my favourite game show; You Bet.

Not only will watching these re-runs reveal themselves as the atrocities of 80’s TV they actually are, they will destroy your beloved childhood memories.

Don’t do it!