DIY Strat – The Return of the Legend Part 8: Modifying the Scratchplate

Last week I removed all the hardware off the scratchplate and marked out where I needed to cut to install the humbucker in place of the bridge single coil. It was a very close fit as the footprint of the new PAF style pickup only just covers the diagonal line made by the existing single coil. With everything marked out, the scratchplate has been sat on the shelf for a little while – I guess I been putting off the job of cutting parts away… anyway, today I decided I would jump straight in with the hacksaw and just get on with it.

Cutting the strat scratchplate to accommodate a bridge humbucker

Sanding the scratchplate

I didn’t have any flat files to hand, so I improvised by wrapping sandpaper around a couple of rulers to give a nice even finish to the cut.

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