DIY Strat – The Return of the Legend Part 6: Starting to make a start

After not doing much on the guitar this for a week or two, the new electronics I ordered arrived and kick-started me back into action. First to arrive was the Tonerider Alnico IV Classic humbucker, nicely packaged in plastic presentation case – I’ll just have to wait to find out how it sounds… Next were the other replacement electronics: the 500k pots, a 0.047μF and 0.022μF cap and a couple of toggle switches – this will form my Tone Switch and Coil Tap.  I also managed to source a set of Wilkinson EZ-Lok machineheads which arrived the same day. They’re a much more sturdy construction than the cheap old ones with a very smooth action – the only issue is drilling out the headstock to accommodate the larger spindle. I probably won’t attempt this with the cordless hammer drill… I also managed to get a coat of primer on the body, however this only served to reveal the crap job I’d made of the sanding!

Tonerider Alnico IV Classic Humbucker

Tonerider Alnico IV Classic Humbucker with new pots and 5-way switch

Starting to disassemble the scratchplate

Starting work on the scratchplate

Scratchplate with all parts removed

All parts removed!

Scratchplate marked out for humbucker ready for cutting

Marking out the template for the humbucker ready for cutting

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