Chillis and that: Day 1

Last year I grew a handful of chilli plants, some were successful, others weren’t – the sweet chilli sauce made from my Hungarian Hot Wax’s went down a storm at the various parties in the autumn, but a lot of the varieties didn’t fruit or were eaten alive by what I can only guess was an un-noticed plague of locusts, which covered by the stealth of night flew in, ate and promptly disappeared.

So, the time has come this year to start planting again – a trip to the local DIY store meant purchasing, on a whim, a set of seeds, compost pellets and propagator for the inordinate sum of £2.98.

The “Grow Your Own Pepper Seed Kit” has three varieties and will hopefully give some decent results, alternatively I’ll buy a jar of sweet chilli sauce and say I’ve made it.

So, I have:

Worldbeater – sweet pepper with large fruits that can be picked green or red. Great for stuffing or sliced in salads.

Corno di Toro Rosso – sweet pepper with delicious, long fruits which turn from dark green to red as they mature. Superb for traditional Italian dishes and salads.

Chilli de Cayenne – good crops of slender, hot chillis for Mexican dishes and curries.

We’ll see how they turn out… currently in a warm place germinating

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